Our Story

Nourish Cream has a “Story”…
a miraculous one.

It was birthed from a need to nourish our daughter’s skin. Keta has an auto immune disease called Sclerederma, see Facebook for Keta’s story. After multiple years of using many, many creams and other products recommended by specialists, doctors and other well-meaning people, we had no real wins.


Keta is very tactile and smell sensitive so most ointments that she tried, she couldn’t tolerate. After buying a bottle of pure macadamia oil from a local source for our consumption, she tried it on her skin. The results were ASTONISHING. It’s pureness was amazing. It soaked into Keta’s skin so beautifully without being oily. It’s smoothness was incredible.

Keta said that she really felt like a nut because of it’s incredibly nutty smell, another reason we knew it was pure. We phoned a family friend and asked if she would help us make up a cream for Keta. So together a face and body cream was birthed, incorporating macadamia oil. A cream that has done wonders for Keta’s skin. We went through the whole winter without any cracks and further hugely noticeable atrophying of her skin. After struggling for so many years we had to share this wonderful cream with more people.

One night I was in hospital and couldn’t sleep. My brain started racing and God downloaded ‘Nourish’, which means to supply what is necessary for life, health and growth, to me, which I will be forever grateful for. Good things can always come from seemingly bad circumstances.

We have not looked back. Being able to help other people with similar things has been the most incredibly rewarding part for me. Nourish cream for all skin types.

  • Gentle, soft, nourishing properties.
  • Gently moisturises all skin types
  • Soothes most skin irritations
  • Acne, eczema, dry skin and sun burn
  • Nourish products are all natural and the ingredients are sourced locally in Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • Founded by Kirsty and Keta Wright in April 2018
  • Natural face and body moisturising cream

    Our Mission

    To produce a non-toxic cream to nourish the skin and help with all skin types, eczema and skin irritations for all ages.

    is what beautiful skin is made out of

    • gentle and soft
    • smooths most skin types
    • for all skin types and ages
    • treats acne, eczema, dry skin and sunburn
    • all natural
    • ingredients locally sourced

    Contact us if you would like to stock Nourish creams or if you have any questions about our wonderful products.

    082 348 7451

    072 615 7997 (Whatsapp Only)


    Hilton, South Africa


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